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Dear Terra,
I wanted to thank you & your staff for the care & compassion of patience yall give mom. When I walk through the doors both Holanda or Christine are so cheerful that it makes me smile. They welcome me, help me get to to mom and often tell me how mom is even before I go back to the residence. Dorie /Donetta are awesome. They never fuss or moan when I pester them about something mom wants or needs. Your aides in the back, Millie, CJ, Aysha, Angela & everyone else are always helpful, Kind, compassionate & seem to truly care about mom of the other residents Obviously you all must have a calling to work with the parents & friends of ours. We know it's not always easy dealing with folks that have physical or mental problems. Yet I never see any staff snap or even seem disgrunted.
Those of us that have loved ones there I don't think are as Kind & caring to our loved ones as you all are. Vickie, my sweetness, Gordon and I rate a ten how good of care y'all give. How responsive you always are to our queries, no matter the time. And we all agree Mom is definitely in the right place. We feel we couldn't have found a better place for mom to live
Thank You
Greg Baker &
The whole Baker family.

Greg Baker

To Caregivers for Melba Tupin I was in Comanche Saturday for a funeral and at the lunch afterward, I was sitting at a table with a minister from the church my mother attended. He told me that a few weeks ago, his wife and adult daughter were in Round Rock and visited my mother. They were very impressed with how well-groomed she was. They said she was clean, dressed nicely, wearing earrings and her hair was combed. I guess they weren't expecting that. They had reports on my mom's mental deterioration and knew she couldn't take care of herself. The minister emphasized how impressed they were with how well she is being taken care of!
So, I just wanted you to know and to add my own thanks for taking care of my mom.

Beverly Mercer

Thanks for all of your many and sustained interventions you have made in support of my beloved wife Shirley and myself.


To the office staff and Caregivers.
Just a word of thanks to all of you for taking such good care of ourMom. We are greatful that the last 14 months of her life were happy ones because of all of you. The Love and Care that you gave to her will be remembered by all of us for a longtime. May God bless each of you everyday. Thank You for everything.
The Family of Nellie

Family of Nellie

Thank you so much for the generous donation you made in Pete's name to the Alzheimer's Association.
No one ever wants to have to put their loved on in a facility but when it becomes a necessity. I'm so thankful to he was at U.V.M.C. where he was treated with care and dignity.
Thanks so much, Mary and Family

The McQueens

You guys ROCK at University Village.
Thank you all very much for the care you gave my Dad during his stay with you. You made, what would normally be a difficult experience, very enjoyable. You are friendly, warm and genuinely caring for the residents.
Dad associated everyone there with a different person in his life, which made his stories very interesting. We picked your place for Dad because of the friendly smiles, natural light and open concept. In our home growing up, the kitchen was the meeting place. I love the fact that you have a kitchen in every corner of the building. This makes your place feel more like home plus the food is amazing I! Not to mention those luscious recliners (so comfortable) and who doesn't have fond memories of napping in a recliner, if not you need to try it!! Thank you for allowing us to spend time with Dad on the patio. Dad loved being outside.
When Dad's journey to Heaven grew close, you were all so sweet and comforting. It was a very difficult time and you took great care with me and my sister. Please accept our huge THANKS!! I imagine it is very hard on you to lose someone that you have cared for and grown close. Please know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers. I hope that you will remember his humor and wit and laugh when you think of him. He would be the first to tell you that "laughter is the best medicine".
Love and God Bless,
Connie Robertson and
The Manning family

Connie Robertson & The Manning Family

Staff and Caregivers
University Village
Round Rock, TX
A note to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the services and care for my husband, Paul Williams, from July 8, 2015 – January 19, 2017. It's a big task for one and all! Thank You!
Barb Williams

Barb Williams

Dear Terria,
I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and your staff. Everytime we have a challenge, you guys are there to help and support us. We could not have gone through all of Aprils challenges so well, without all your help. We appreciate all that you do for your residents and the families. I count you all as a clear blessing every day. Hugs!
Laurel Newell

Laurel Newell

Dear Terria,
Thank you for leading Team Believe UVMC at this years walk! With your support, we are closer to a world without Alzheimer's disease. Thanks again for walking with Alzheimer's Texas!
Christian &Taylor

Christian & Taylor

Dear Amerha,
Just wanted to let you know how much we have appreated your support & help through the process of acclimating my Mom to UVMC. You went above & beyond the call of duty when I was sick in getting the needed form from Dr. Dasgupta's office. Thank you for your kindness & care you have demonstrated to our family.
Kind regards
Alistar & Ron Dass

Alistar & Ron Dass

Dear Terria,
Just wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated your support & help through the process of acclimating my Mom to UVMC. It is plain to see you work very hard at your job!
You have such an encouraging & welcoming spirit. We thank God for you!
Kind regards
Alistar & Ron Dass

Alistar & Ron Dass

Good Morning Terria,
I want to extend my personal gratitude to you, and every single staff member at UVMC while my dad was a resident there. Coming back to UVMC was a Godsend for us and I truly appreciate you working your magic to make a room available and get him admitted.
Dad's needs were complex & challenging and yet your staff met them all, with tender loving care ..... and that is what life is about.
You have such caring, loving souls in your employ ..... .. everyone treated him and us with care and respect....and I will be eternally grateful for that.
When dad passed on November 18, he and I were listening to his favorite music (Brooks & Dunn) and he danced on out of this life to the tune of "Boot Scootin' Boogie". I hope that brings a smile whenever you think of Tim.
With love and gratitude,
Diana (Shea) Welch

Diane Welch

Dear Terria,
Thank you so much for all your compassion and help with Mom over this past year. Bringing her to UV was the best move we could have made and we are so thankful for all of you. Please share with Donetta, Dorie, and all the staff how much we appreciate their loving care for Mom. Y'all have been the best and we love you all for it.


When we were visiting memory care facilities for mom in summer of 2019, they told us things we couldn't Mom would forget she smokes (pffft!) and that the easiest way to transition her to memory care was to give her 2 weeks to 1 month without visits so she could settle in without us. I just couldn't. I couldn't imagine not visiting mom and her wondering where we'd gone. I also had never seen my mom without a cigarette for more than 30 mins in my 50+ years. I figured that might be true for “other” people, but they didn't know “my” mom. They all told us that, though. Not just one of them...all of them. We chose University Village Memory Care and Assisted Living Community because of the owners, staff and facility. It felt like a perfect match for mom's personality, all things considered.
Then an amazing thing happened. Everything they said would happen came true. Mom only asked for cigarettes twice after she moved. Twice!! Those who know my mom know how shocking that is (to this day). She did ask every day if she could leave with us (heartbreaking) or call and ask if we were on our way to get her (also heartbreaking), but she started to improve, physically and then psychologically (attitude and mood, not memory).She gained weight and made friends and without the worry of wondering what she was supposed to be doing, or trying to remember how to wash clothes, or how to cook dinner, she staled to relax and her very funny, life of the party, witty personality started to return.
Five months after we moved mom into memory care, COVID hit and the facility went on lockdown. Luckily, they were able to socialize on the inside, but families weren't allowed to visit. l'll be damned if it wasn't the best thing for mom...and probably for Dad and me too. Not only did she survive, but she flourished. Without us there every day/every few days, she came to see the staff and fellow residents as her makeshift family and she began to think of UVMC as her home (just like they said). Always good in a crisis, Mom took this hunkering down as what needed to be done to get through. You know from my posts how amazing the staff is at UVMC and they did everything possible to keep Mom's progression from check-In (those are size 0 jeans, btw) to that St Paddy's Day of 2020 to today, where she's 15-20 lbs heavier and a whole lot livelier.
COVID has been a bitch, but not all of it was bad. Grateful for the advice of experts (even when we didn't take it) and the patience of staff to let us find our way. It won't always be this way. Mom will get worse, but so happy to have these days,
years, and memories with my mom thanks to Dad realizing it was time and to the team at UVMC.

Stephanie Sobotik

Dear University Village Caregivers & Staff,
Thank you! You are doing an amazing job! You work long hours, in a physically demanding job, providing care for others while away from your family. In an industry with low employee retention, we know you do this not for economic gain but for the satisfaction of caring for others.
All of you deserve thanks for the work that you do. There are a variety of professions that pay a higher salary that you could have chosen and you chose to provide care to others.
As a caregiver, you put your own life on pause while you manage the daily activities of those in your care. That does not go unnoticed. What you do matters more than you realize. The care you provide is not definable through mere words. Each of you meets the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs of those whom you provide care, giving support to all of us who may need it (including me).
Please know that what you do does not go unnoticed. Even if the one you care for cannot say "thank you," know that you are truly appreciated. You are respected. You are valued..
Our loved ones are in your capable hands during this difficult and unprecedented time. While desperately miss not being able to visit, rest assured that I am comforted by your dedication and loving touch.

Suzie Franklin

Times are frightening and we must stay away from those we love. It's harder for those of us with a loved one in memory care, when restrictions are lifted will: they still know who we are?! The one. thing I don't worry about is if mother is getting good care. I don't worry if she feels loved or if she is eating and drinking enough. I know there's nothing to worry about because of the wonderful and loving staff members that is protecting. mother as carefully as they guard their own.

Vicky Cobb- Grace Allen

Terra, Your letter made my heart sing. To know everyone is well! Residents and staff. Wonderful! What a challenge for everybody. Rose called last week and I got to talk with Mom. Just that little bit of interaction was great. I'm not sure she knew it was me-but I knew it was her. Virtual hugs for everybody!

Lynda Wood (Ellen's daughter)

For those of you that know me probably have figured out I am the worst at expressing my feelings about such a touchy subject.. my mom. When you think about the case you are providing to the resident during these uncertain times, they are literally 100 % dependent on you right now for everything, especially keeping them safe and healthy. One thing I've learned this last year is that you really care about the well-being of the residents and each other. You are a great team that hasn't let a little pandemic event get in the way of the great care you are providing to each other and every resident. I love following your Facebook page and seeing the interaction between the residents and the support you provide one another. I attached a poem I found along with a few pictures. I really appreciate everything you've done for my mom and me during these tougher times (and during the better times too) I'm looking forward to seeing you guys soon so I can say thank you in person! Thank you for all you're doing.

Kathy Cotner- Irene"Hazel" Smith

TO: ALL staff from Tag to House Keeping -E. everyone in Between John E. I are thankful for the care you all gave out mom Billie Best while she lived at U. Village
There were Zero worries when we walked away Merry Christmas Happy New year!

John E. Maurey Best

I hope you know how much we appreciate all the case and protection you have provided during this entire "Covid thing!
I am amazed at the change in Jacque during this last year, I didn't think I would ever see her personality and health return like it has this last year. Again, thanks for you and the entire staff for the care and attention you have given Jacque Hope you have a Happy and Restful Valentines

Bob Sobotate

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